Top 5 Best Touchscreen Laptops that support active stylus pen in 2021

Here are the Top-5 Best Touchscreen Laptops that support active stylus pen in 2021

#5 Acer Spin 3

This is the cheapest 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop that  supports an active stylus pen. It comes in various screen sizes and CPU configurations but I recommend picking the 14” model with either Intel core-i5 or Core-i7 processor. The Core-i5 model usually sells for under $600 making it the budget king in this category. But guys, don't expect a fancy unibody metallic design on this laptop. Acer Spin 3 is made from polycarbonate or plastic in simple english. Its 360 hinge isn't the best, but does a fine job holding the laptop in tablet as well as clamshell mode. I appreciate the fact that Acer has included a rechargeable active stylus pen that neatly resides in a convenient pen slot located on the right side of the laptop. It offers decent latency and palm rejection for jotting down quick notes, doodling and making sketches. But I find it inconvenient to use for a long period because it's too thin. I would recommend upgrading to better third party pens that are more ergonomically designed. I have linked some of them in the video description below. 

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#4 Dell Inspiron 2-in-1

This laptop offers a far superior build quality over Acer Spin 3. It has a sand-blasted metallic finish which feels very grippy when holding the laptop in your hands. The top lid and palm rest under the keyboard are made from aluminium giving this laptop a premium look and feel. Its 360 degrees hinges are made from metal making it a far more durable laptop. Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 uses a 14” Full HD touch screen display that supports an active stylus pen. This is an LED backlit IPS panel which maxes out at 250 nits of brightness. It supports Dell’s active stylus pen and also some third party pens like lazarite and Wacom. These pens provide various levels of pressure sensitivity and palm rejection. This coupled with low latency, results in excellent note taking and sketching experience. Overall, Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 laptops offer excellent build quality, great keyboard, class leading CPU and integrated GPU performance and a nice display with active pen support. But its battery life is underwhelming because it uses a 40 Whr battery which is smaller than other competing 2-in-1 laptops.

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#3 Lenovo Flex 5

You can get this laptop in both AMD Ryzen 5000 series as well as 11th gen Intel CPUs. Just like Dell Inspiron 2-in-1, Lenovo Flex 5 is built using premium materials. The top half is made from aluminium while the bottom half is built using a 30% fibre glass reinforced polycarbonate material. This results in superior strength, rigidity, and dimensional stability than a typical ABS polymer budget laptop like Acer Spin 3. Flex 5 uses a 14” Full HD LED backlit IPS panel with a maximum brightness of 250 nits and it supports multi-touch and active stylus pens. 

The included Lenovo Active pen trumps both Acer Spin 3 and Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 pens in the writing department. It offers better latency and palm rejection when using Microsoft OneNote app and Windows Ink Workspace. As a result students and working professionals who take a lot of notes, make diagrams and write equations will find this laptop a joy to use. Lenovo Flex 5 ships with a 3 Cell 52.5 Whr battery which delivers great battery life. I got an impressive 11 hours of battery life during continuous 1080p video playback at 150 nits of brightness on my 11th gen intel core-i5 powered review unit of this laptop. Overall, I love Lenovo Flex 5. It has a great keyboard and trackpad, excellent build quality and the included lenovo active pen delivers excellent writing experience

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#2 HP Envy x360

This is a premium 2-in-1 convertible laptop that comes in both 13.3 and 15.6 inch screen sizes. You have the option of going with either an Intel or an AMD processor. HP Envy x360’s entire body is made from aluminium giving it a very solid feel. Both the top lid and the keyboard deck sport a nightfall black color with sandblasted anodized aluminium finish. This is a very macho laptop with well defined edges and corners. The metallic hinge on this laptop is built like a tank. It's taut and delivers a consistent torque when opening and closing the laptop. I have the 15.6” model which sports a Full HD touch enabled display that supports active stylus pen. 

Just like Dell and Lenovo, the screen uses an LED backlit IPS panel with a maximum brightness of 250 nits. Its screen digitizer uses the same “N-trig” technology that Microsoft employs in their latest Surface Pro devices. The included pen boasts high accuracy and offers decent palm rejection. It provides multiple levels of pressure sensitivity which is great for making digital art. Using this pen with Microsoft OneNote app and Windows Ink Workspace, I was able to take notes, write equations and make diagrams without any issues. The 15” model of this laptop ships with a 4-cell, 55.7 Wh Li-ion polymer battery which delivers around 7 hrs of battery life doing typical web surfing with WiFi turned on and screen brightness set to 80%. Overall HP Envy x360 delivers class leading performance and comes with a wide array of choices when it comes to screen sizes and they all support active stylus pens.

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#1 Lenovo Yoga 7i

This is a premium looking laptop sporting an all metal construction. Both the top and the bottom half are made from Aluminium giving this laptop plenty of structural rigidity and dimensional stability. Its 360 degree metallic hinge is built like a tank and provides ample stability when you transform from laptop to tablet mode and vise-versa. Lenovo has applied a matte anodized stamping on the outer surface of this laptop giving it a very durable, corrosion-resistant finish. Yoga 7i comes with a 14” Full HD multi-touch screen that supports an active stylus pen. It's an LED backlit IPS panel with 300 nits of brightness that is a pleasure to look at. The screen is built using Dragontrail glass which is light-weight, flexible, and scratch resistant. It's a glossy panel which generates bright images and vibrant colors making videos and pictures pop out. 

Hands down the best feature of Yoga 7i is the writing experience with the included active Pen. This pen provides over 2000 levels of pressure sensitivity which creates very natural brush strokes while sketching, painting or writing. The screen digitiser offers low latency resulting in an excellent note-taking experience. With its 300 nits bright screen, this laptop is also great for making digital art using the free version of AutoDesk SketchBook app. BTW the included active pen comes with 2 programmable physical buttons and it runs on a single quadruple-A battery that can easily last for over a year. Yoga 7i is a part of Intel’s EVO branding which promise thin and light body, great CPU and GPU performance, and a long battery life. I have been getting around 12 hours of battery life which easily makes this an all day laptop. So in my opinion, the Yoga 7i is the best 14” thin and light 2-in-1 convertible laptops that I have tested here on this channel.

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