Backup your Data, Pics & Videos: RAVPower SSD vs Toshiba HDD vs WD 14TB Elements Desktop HDD

Here are some of the PC accessories that I got this black friday. Let's start with this fast charger that I got for about 25 bucks. I have been getting sick of all the slow USB chargers laying around my house, so I wanted to get rid of them all and replace them with one charger. 


This 3-port 65W USB Type-C fast charger from Rock Space fits the bit. I am using it to charge my laptop, phone and tablet all at the same time. Finally I have managed to get rid of my laptop charging brick as well as my phone and tablet chargers, resulting in significant reduction of clutter and wire mess in my office. This charger supports all fast charging protocols and it did not have any issues charging my samsung galaxy phone, my android tablet, as well as both my windows PC and Chromebook. I appreciate the fact that this charger comes with a built-in safety control mechanism to prevent accidental fires from overheating. It automatically cuts off power if the combined load from all your devices exceed the safety limit. There is a cyber monday sale going on right now, which will give you another 5 bucks of its retail price. I think for the price, this is an excellent fast charger

Next up, let's talk about various storage options. Now that Google has decided to stop providing unlimited storage for Google Photos, what is the best option for storing all your pictures, videos and documents? I got three different storage solutions spanning from a fast modern SSD to an old-school external hard-drive. 

Let's start with the fastest storage option which is undoubtedly an SSD. This is the 1TB Portable External SSD from RAVPower. I really like it's zinc-aluminum alloy casing which looks very elegant and polished. Since SSDs don't have any moving parts, they are great for on the go data storage needs. RAVPower claims 540MB/s read and write speeds on this drive provided you have a USB 3.2 port on your device. I have been getting around 350 and 400 MB/s speed when using this SSD with my Lenovo laptop. Now, If you plan to use this SSD for transferring data between your devices, I highly recommend that you use the included free encryption software from RAVPower. It allows you to completely encrypt all the data on this disk using AES 256 bit encryption, which is awesome. I also appreciate the fact that Ravpower included both USB Type C to C and USB Type C to A cables which should cover all your devices except iphone, because they use a proprietary apple cable. So that means this portable SSD will work with Windows PC, Macs, Android smartphones and tablets as well as Ipad Pro because they are now compatible with USB-Type C ports.

Next up is 4TB Toshiba USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive. Being a hard-drive this is significantly cheaper than an equivalent sized SSD. What I love about Toshiba USB 3.0 drives is the fact that they don't need an external AC power cord. All the power needed to run this disk is drawn from the USB cable. If you have a USB 3.0 port in your laptop expect to get anywhere from 125 to 150 MB/s data transfer speed, which is not bad. I mostly use this drive to back up all my photos and videos.

And finally the humongous Western Digital 14TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive which is perfect for storing large video files. This USB 3.0 external hard-drive offers a compact add-on storage solution for storing all my important photos, music, videos and data files. I am also using this 14TB drive to archive all my youtube videos for Techno Panda channel. It works right out of the box with windows PC as well as Macs. Just plug it into any USB 3.0 port and you get instant extra storage. In my data read write testing, Western Digital beat Toshiba delivering read and write speed up to an impressive 250 MB/s. BTW this drive is also backwards compatible with USB 2.0 port, but data read write speed will be drastically cut down when using USB 2.0. The build quality of western Digital drives are quite good and I expect this external enclosure to safely house the drive for many years. But because of its bulky size, this solution is not really meant for portability. It's more suitable for backing up data in home or office setup. 

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