Review: Acer Aspire Z24 All-in-One Desktop PC with Core i5-9400T (PCZ24-890-UA91, Z24-890-UR12)

If you are in the market for a desktop PC, then you should consider All-in-One Desktop PCs. They pack all the essential computing features that you will need in an ultra-slim and space-saving design. They are simple to use, come with full desktop functionality and look great on your desk.

The most popular All-in-One Desktop PC is probably the iMac. But if you are interested in Windows PC, then Acer Aspire Z24 All-in-One PC is the best choice. It looks like a traditional 24 inch monitor but the entire guts of the PC are hiding behind the monitor. It's a perfect computer for home use, whether you want to put it in common area, home office or kitchen

Aspire Z24 has very pleasing aesthetics. The stand is metallic silver in color and the monitor has silver sides with matt black strips. This gives it a very polished and elegant look.


Aspire Z24 sports a 24 inch widescreen display. Its an LED backlit panel coming at full HD 1920X1080 resolution. The bezels are minimal giving it premium edge-to edge display. The screen is really bright with a viewing angle of 178 degrees. This means pictures are text are going to look sharp even when viewed from skewed angles

Aspire Z24 comes in two flavors. A more expensive configuration comes with touchscreen and budget version comes without touchscreen support. The version we are reviewing today is the budget model and it lacks touch features.

Aspire Z24 is rocking a 9th generation Intel Core-i5 processor aka Core i5-9400T. This is powerful 6-core CPU but runs on only 35W TDP. The low power consumption means that this CPU will not run hot thereby keeping the PC cool and quiet.

Memory & Storage

Aspire Z24 comes with 12 Gig of system RAM. If you are brave, you can open the back of the monitor and add a 16Gig DDR4 memory stick. Acer provides detailed instructions on how to open the back of the monitor and perform the upgrade.

It comes with a generous 512 GB SSD storage. This makes the PC really fast, especially the boot time. If you want to add more storage, the best option is to buy a USB Type-C external SSD. Although you can replace the internal SSD, it will require too much surgery on the PC and its not worth the risk. SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable External SSD is the best choice for expanding storage in you are interested in saving more videos, pictures or documents.

Alexa built-in

Aspire Z24 comes with 2 digital assistants. In addition to Cortana, there is also Amazon Alexa built in. Acer has done a good job with Alexa integration. Acer has actually put dedicated 4 digital MICs on the top of the screen. These mics can pick up your voice from up to 4 meters away and respond to your queries. This can be pretty handy in kitchen or common family area where you can quickly fire some queries and get answers

Ports & Peripherals

Aspire Z24 comes with 1 Type-C USB port and 4 Type-A USB Ports. It comes with 2 HDMI ports: One is HDMI in and other is HDMI out. HDMI-out allows you to connect a second monitor for dual display. HDMI-in allows you connect another laptop or PC and use Aspire Z24 as external monitor.

It also comes with 8x DVD read/write drive which is neatly hidden behind the screen and pops out from right side when needed. BTW Bluetooth support is built-in and it comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse. So the only cable that you will see in your typical setup is the power cable which you can hide behind the screen.


Overall I am very happy with the performance of this PC. The combination of 9th gen Intel Core-i5 processor, 12 GIG RAM and fast SSD storage makes this a really snappy computer. Its an ideal PC for using in your kitchen area, common family area or your home-office. It can handle casual stuff like surfing, social media, streaming 4k videos from YouTube and Netflix with ease. It can also tackle causal 1080p games like fortnite & PubG without any problems.

Aspire Z24 All-in-One PC specs (non-touch version):
- 9th Generation Intel Core i5-9400T Processor (Up to 3.4GHz)
- 23.8 inches Full HD (1920 x 1080) widescreen Edge-to-Edge LED Back-lit Display
- 12GB DDR4 Memory, 512GB SSD & 8x DVD-Writer Double-Layer Drive (DVD-RW)
- 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet LAN & Bluetooth 4.2LE
- 2 Built-in 2W Stereo Speakers
- Built-in 2.0MP Full HD (1080P) Webcam
- Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
- Windows 10 Home 

Aspire Z24 All-in-One PC specs (touch version):
- 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8700T Processor (Up to 4.0GHz)
- 23.8" Full HD (1920 x 1080) Widescreen Edge-to-Edge LED Back-lit Touch Screen Display
- 8GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM Memory & 16GB Intel Optane Memory, 2TB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive
- 8X DVD-Writer Double-Layer Drive (DVD-RW), Two Built-in 2W Stereo Speakers, - Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
- Windows 10 Home  

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