Is GoPro Hero 8 Black the perfect Vlogging Camera?

Is GoPro Hero 8 Black the perfect Vlogging Camera? Or should you buy Osmo Action? We answer the question by pitting Osmo Action against GoPro 8 in a head to head contest.

GoPro Hero 8 Black was announced today with lot of fanfare. What I found interesting was the concerted effort from the company to push this camera as a vlogging camera. Vlogging has become increasingly popular and recently we have seen many camera companies push their pocket size cameras like Sony RX100 VII & Canon G7X III as ideal vlogging camera. Now GoPro has fully embraced the vlogging crowd with GoPro Hero 8 Black

GoPro is touting its smaller size along with propriety modular solution to add microphone, front facing screen and LED light as game changer. The small size of GoPro solution coupled with enhanced image stabilization should please most of the vloggers. 

Is GoPro Hero 8 Black the perfect Vlogging Camera?

But GoPro's solution isn't cheap. The Media module and front facing flippy screen are not included with the base price of the camera. So the total cost of GoPro vlogging kit will be quite more expensive. While this is still cheaper than Sony RX100 VII & Canon G7X III, but there is a better solution already available in the market

Its called Osmo Action. Osmo action also shoots at 4K resolution and has the same excellent image stabilization. But what makes Osmo special is the front facing screen. Front facing screen is a must for vlogging. After all, you should be able to see yourself while recording in order to properly frame your video. Osmo Action is selling for a very reasonable price

I will recommend anyone looking for vlogging camera to go with Osmo Action and pass on GoPro 8

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